On this page you can submit your animation. Please take into account the specifications right next on this page.

Upload your video on your own Vimeo or YouTube channel and provide the link in the form below.

  • Youtube and Vimeo only
  • Tell something about for example the technique you used, the idea behind your animation.
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Is there a deadline?
Well, we are working on the first ‘best-off’ sequence now, which will have it’s première on the great KLIK Animation Festival in Amsterdam. But… we’re targeting on more animation festivals, so we’re still accepting great new entries!


In the final sequence, for each submission, the (agency)name and city of the submitter will be shown. We also mention your (agency)name and city on the entries page of the website. For reasons of consistency, do not include them in the video yourself.


By participating in the Animation Sequence Project, you agree on the following conditions:

  • None of the contributions will be used for commercial purposes. We will only use your contribution for the Animation Sequence Project.
  • Your (agency)name and city will be mentioned in the final compilation.
  • We publish your work on the website
  • We may or may not use the submitted animation in the final compilation of the Animation Sequence Project.
  • It is allowed to copy, distribute and transmit the work (for example via blogs, websites and on animation- or art festivals).
  • Others are permitted to create new, interesting combinations using the entries as long as they mention each original artist and the Animation Sequence Project as a source.

Creative Commons License
All submitted work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.